Ground Fighting Self Defense Tutorial

Many fights end up on the ground, are you prepared?

When you’re defending yourself against someone trying to hurt you, it’s important to keep in mind that your opponent might want to take you to the ground. That said, it’s key that you prepare for it. I’ll show you how to access a ground fighting self defense tutorial.

Firstly, the one thing to always remember during an attack is that you can never predict how it will turn out.

While you might know several self defense moves and believe you’re completely trained for every scenario that can happen during an attack, it might not necessarily happen that way.

That’s why it’s crucial for you to be prepared for all the different situations that can occur during a fight.

One situation that many people often fear and wish never happen is ground fighting.


Because chances are that your attacker is bigger and stronger than you. Therefore, if you end up on the ground, you might not be able to get back up.

His weight and strength will overpower yours and therefore give him the upper hand. That being said, there is still a chance for you to get out of this situation.

Learn ground fighting self defense tips to empower you

Knowing how to fight back so you can get out of a situation like this is essential. Remember, your goal should always be to end the fight as quickly as possible with as little to no injury.

When it comes to ground fighting, you should also have as your main goal to get off the ground as quickly as possible.

The longer you stay on the floor, the more you give your opponent the opportunity for him to punch you repeatedly. Also, you don’t know if he has anyone with him.

Therefore, if you stay on the ground and even if you do manage to get on top of him, you don’t know if one of his friends will show up from behind you and get you back on the floor.

So, you really want to avoid being on the floor for longer than necessary.

==> Learn powerful self defense tips on the ground

Ground fighting is an essential part of self defense training and it’s crucial for you to learn the basics when it comes to this kind of scenario.

See the Code Red Defense Ground Fighting tutorial trailer:

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A powerful and effective tutorial that teaches you everything you need to know about protecting yourself when you’re down and your attacker is standing up.

It’s quite lifesaving information if you ask me.

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Hope this helps.

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