Ground Fighting Self Defense Tips

A versatile tool for self defense training

Training with a Bob Dummy is a great way to practice your self-defense moves and work on your technique. Consequently, we’ll look at ground fighting self defense tips with a Bob Dummy.

While most people use the Bob Dummy (Ad) as a training technique to practice standing up, you can definitely also use it to practice ground fighting.

When you’re in a street fight, you have to consider the possibility that you might end up on the floor.

Obviously, it’s a situation you want to avoid at all costs because it puts you at a disadvantage, especially if your opponent is bigger than you, it is something you want to consider and be ready for.

A great way to practice for ground fighting is by using Bob Dummy Heavy Training Bag (Ad) and putting him on the floor. You can practice by placing the upper body part of Bob Dummy on the floor and striking him.

Look at some ground fighting self defense tips with a Bob Dummy:

The best self defense technique to use in this situation is by being on top of your opponent and placing your knee on his chest.

This will limit their movements and give you the opportunity to strike him repeatedly. You can also use your weight to your advantage.

Always be on the lookout for multiple attackers when fighting on the ground

An important thing you want to consider is when you’re fighting in the streets and you’re using the mount position is to be aware of more than one opponent.

The most important thing is to be ready and prepared for all situations. This also includes being ready for a multiple attacker’s situation.

Consequently, make sure to practice with your partner or Bob Dummy to further develop your technique and movements.

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