Ground and Pound Self-Defense Tips

The ground and pound situation, is when you have your attacker on top of you and he’s repeatedly striking you. It’s a situation you definitely want to try and avoid because it puts you in great danger.

However, if ever you are in this position, here are some great self-defense tips that can come in handy.

One of the first things you want to do is bringing your upper body up. Try to avoid staying on the ground as much as possible because getting hit in the head can leave you severely injured.

Additionally, you want to avoid strikes in the facial area. A great tip is to tuck in your chin. This will make it more difficult for your attacker to hit you flush in the face.

Another great self-defense technique for the ground and pound is to try and block your attacker’s arms. By doing so, you can prevent any strikes coming your way.

Once you’ve managed to block your attacker’s arms, you can buck your hips to make him lose his balance that way you can have the upper hand.

You can also strike him in the groin area or the throat. At this point, any strike you give you want to make sure it has enough impact to put him at a disadvantage.

The goal is for you to escape. Therefore, if your attacker is on top of you, the floor becomes your trapping tool and you need to do anything you can to get him off of you.

Any strikes you give need to have the desired effect to disable him.

You also want to be alert if you’re attacker tries to kick you. So, make sure you have a good hold on his legs by tossing them to the side. The last thing you want is to get knocked out by getting kicked in the facial area.

Check out how you can defend yourself from a ground and pound street fight, down below:

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