Grappling Dummy for MMA

The perfect grappling dummy for self defense

As you know, there are a lot of fights that end up on the ground. That said, it’s important to practice your ground fighting skills for self defense. A good way to do that is by practicing your movements on the ground. So, here’s a review of a grappling dummy for MMA.

Firstly, an integral part of your self-defense training involves practicing all the moves with an instructor or a partner. If you don’t apply the combat instructions regularly, you’re probably doing it wrong.

It doesn’t matter how many hits, face-plants on the carpet or uncomfortable holds it takes to learn the movements, if it can save your life, do it until you’re so good that you could sleepwalk through a training session!

But not everyone has a partner willing to be thrown around on a regular basis; and many of you teach yourself through self-defense courses with little one-on-one contact with a flesh-and-blood instructor…

The solution is a Grappling Dummy (ad).

Finally, a training partner that’s never late

It is surprising the quality of equipment that are available for martial artists; which are effective to improve performance and combat skills.

What’s good for straight-up fighters will do nicely for self-defense students as well, won’t it?

Not necessarily, but there are several great items from martial arts gyms that could fit well into your training.

==> A Grappling Dummy Is One of Them (ad)

For practicing holds and throwing opponents around, this is a solid option for anyone without a training partner or willing to perfect their technique in spare time.

A dummy doesn’t provide the same amount of feedback a live opponent would (just by his reaction), yet it’s a perfect way to rehearse your movement patterns and correct any technical errors you may have.

And this is exactly why I recommend it!

Self defense practice makes perfect

This saying, rings all the truer with regards to self-defense; every skill needs to be polished time and time again, until it’s ingrained in your muscle memory just as solidly as your gag reflex!

But what if there’s nobody available to practice with?

A top-notch grappling dummy for self defense (ad) will do the trick.

In an imperfect world, a grappling dummy still beats having no training partner whatsoever. Consider this nifty purchase if you need more practice but don’t have the resources.

However, I know that grappling with a dummy is far from a perfect simulation of a real encounter, but still beats having no practice at all.

As far as I’m concerned, you should ask yourself two questions:

1) Are you just beginning to learn self-defense and have no partner/instructor?

2) Do you want to practice new movements/fight scenarios, but nobody is there to train with you or look at your technique?

If the answer to either or both of them is “yes”, then you would make good use of a grappling dummy (ad).

To sum up, it’s a good investment for anyone who is serious about self-defense!

Patrick Viana

Self-Defense Blog