Fighting Methods from Larger Attackers

Brainstorming for self-defense

Learning self-defense is a great way to defend yourself if ever your faced with a bigger attacker. However, one thing that is often forgotten is to put yourself in the shoes of your attacker. So, let’s discover fighting methods used by larger attackers.

Of course, you can learn how to block punches, throwing strikes and other great self-defense tips to escape a fight. These are all great things to know.

But, how can you successfully defend yourself, if you don’t know what your attacker is planning?

Consequently, to be able to properly defend yourself, it’s crucial to fully understand how your attacker fights.

With that in mind, we questioned ourselves on this topic and asked a larger attacker what methods he would often refer to when it comes to fighting.

By having a clearer picture of how your attacker fights, you will better be able to defend yourself.

Here are fighting methods from larger attackers:

Attackers will use their size and strength to their advantage. Therefore, their main strategy when going in a fight is to block and trap their victim.

That being said, a bigger attacker might come straight towards you, grab your arms to prevent you from striking him and trap you in a corner.

Once he has you trapped, he will try to cut off your oxygen and smother you until you can’t breathe. Right away, he automatically has the upper hand and can hurt you.

If ever you see a much bigger attacker coming straight towards you, you need to think fast.

With him being much larger than you, every second counts. Therefore, you need to either strike him or block him before he has managed to trap you.

If he reaches you and manages to trap you, the odds of you being able to fight him off and escape are much slimmer.

Always keep learning self-defense

Life-long learning is part of a winning mentality. That said, when you keep learning, you stay focused and engaged in what it is you’re doing. And, learning how to protect yourself is a darn good thing to do for yourself.

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