Dirty Fighting Tip for Self-Defense

A special technique for your personal protection

When it comes to protecting yourself when your life is in danger, there are no rules. It’s pretty much every man for himself. This is why sometimes you need to do what it takes. That said, here’s a dirty fighting tip for self-defense.

This is where things can tend to take a dangerous turn. Since it’s pretty much free for all, a lot of people will often hit where it hurts the most, a.k.a. the groin area.

Getting kneed in the groin can hurt severely. It’s probably why most people tend to do it. However, there are other ways you can fight dirty.

Note here that when we’re talking about “dirty fighting” we’re talking about fighting for your life if you feel in danger.

A powerful self defense tool: the element of surprise

You want to be able to catch your attacker off guard and create the element of surprise. Therefore, when you see your attacker coming straight towards you, remain calm and natural.

Ensure both your arms are in front of you and when he is least expecting it, slap him hard on the groin.

The result?

Chances are, your attacker will immediately double over from the pain.

Watch our self-defense YouTube clip on how to fight dirty:

As seen in the clip, this will give you the upper hand and you can use this opportunity to palm strike and head butt him. In addition, one thing you want to do when it comes to dirty fighting is to hit high and low.

Why, you may ask?

It will get your attacker’s nervous system shooting. Your assailant, won’t be able to process what’s going on while you’re aiming “high” with strikes and striking “low” with low and effective kicks.

You can then seize the opportunity to escape to a safe place.

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