Different Stances for Self Defense

Positioning is crucial for your safety

When you’re in a situation where you need to defend yourself, your positioning will play a huge role in your protection. With that said, let’s talk about the different stances for self defense.

It’s important that whichever position you do take, you make it look as natural as possible to not alarm your attacker of what you’re about to do next.

One of the best fighting stances you can take is to put your hands up while you try and communicate with your opponent. As mentioned previously, make it look as natural as possible to not cause any alert towards your attacker.

Your goal should always be to have your attacker lower his guard so that he doesn’t suspect anything about your intentions of fighting back. By having him lower his guard, you have a better chance of escaping the situation.

Discover the crucial stances for self defense, by checking out the video below:

When does a fight start?

In most situations, a fight starts the moment you and your potential attacker make visual contact.

With that in mind, it’s important for you to always remain one step ahead of your opponent by reading his body language to see what his reaction is.

You always want to try and avoid getting into a physical altercation with your opponent by using verbal defense tactics. In addition, that’s why it’s crucial that your stance is non-threatening.

You want to show him that you’re not causing any threats and that you want to defuse the situation as quickly as possible with little to no injury.

So, make sure to always be aware of your attacker’s movements and listen to what he is saying and asking.

Always be ready to use self defense moves from your stances

Obviously, if you see that the situation will turn aggressive and your attacker wants to get physical, you need to be prepared and alert.

Don’t hesitate to strike first, so you can get out of the situation quickly. Strike with solid palm strikes, elbow strikes, and other devastating strikes.

Check this resource for a complete instructional video on the best fighting stances for self defense.

In there, you’ll find everything you need to have the best positioning to help you protect yourself from being injured in a fight.

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