Different Knife Stances and Psychology

Powerful knife defense concepts

There are many different stances you can take when it comes to defending yourself against a knife attack. So, in this article we’ll look at different knife defense stances and psychology.

While many people often say that you need to be prepared to get cut if ever you come across an attacker with a knife, it’s not necessarily the best mindset to have.

Yes, there is the possibility of getting cut during a knife attack, however you shouldn’t go in thinking it’s the only way out.

There are many situations and scenarios where you can actually come out of a life-threatening situation without getting a single injury.

The important thing to remember is to defend yourself against anyone trying you hurt you. If someone is threatening you, you need to take action to survive.

During a knife attack, shield yourself and fight back

Find a stance that you’re most comfortable with. You need to be at ease and ready for incoming slash and stabs. The more at ease you are, the better your chances of getting out.

Additionally, try not to let your fear overpower you. While it’s completely natural to be scared since you are being faced with an attacker who has a knife, don’t let that fear get the best of you.

Try and remain as calm as you can. Be in control and focus on protecting yourself and getting out of the situation as quickly and efficiently as possible.

When striking back your attacker, do it with conviction. always keep in mind that you need to stop the threat. And, the best way to achieve that is to use devastating self defense strikes.

For a detailed example on how you can position yourself in a knife fight, watch the following video:

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