Criminals with Mental Illnesses

Are you afraid of dangerous looking criminals?

There are some people that look scarier than others. Some criminals are just plain and simple, mean and dangerous while some others come at you with mental illnesses.

That said, today’s clip is quite different, at least I hope that you will find it as educational as I have.

Criminals may be very good at robbing and hurting, but when it comes to mental illness, it gets even worse.

This guy is making a scary looking face and grunting signs of insanity during his trial in front of the Judge. If you don’t believe the devil is real, well… Think again.

Joshua Tremaine Jones, 26, was arrested and charged for shooting and killing his girlfriend and a Police Officer as well.

This guy wants to show that he is scary

Is this acting or not according to you?

Even though that might be a piece of acting from his part, he is still a felon. Do you find him scary or not?

Don’t get me wrong, scary or not – he still is very dangerous!

You have to be prepared to face all sorts of individual when you’re in public. With all the mental illnesses out there, the drugs on the streets and the money problems people have, you never know what criminals are willing to do.

And the worse part, you never know when they will target YOU.

It sounds painfully obvious, but very often criminals would catch other people off-guard by playing dumb or pretending to be helpless and non-threatening.

And, some others go straight for the criminal act without hesitating a second, we’ve seen it many times, right.

You have to be aware that these types of people exist and they can mean business… Real business!

He is most likely a dangerous criminal ready for anything. If you meet someone like that in the streets though, you need to be ready and have an action plan. Don’t underestimate thugs.

But if this video can teach us any lesson apart from “insanity and mental illness are part of our society”, it’s this: Anybody can be a menace no matter his size and age.

Be prepared for these type of criminals

You just need to recognize the danger quickly and act accordingly to each and every situation.

If you can think quickly enough in a life-threatening situation, and your self-defense training is up to snuff, you will survive any attack!

Take care and stay safe,

p.s. Check this resource out if you want to learn how to be aware and ready for criminals.

Have a great day.

Patrick Viana

Self-Defense Blog