girls fighting

Detecting a Threat? Get Ready to Defend Yourself!

Defuse the situation or fight – a great lesson of self defense Some fights start with a simple argument, while others are surprise attacks. What’s you’ll learn in this article is that if you happen detecting a threat, get ready to defend yourself! Consequently, always be ready to fight back. That said, very often people …

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paris women attacked in subway

Are You Prepared for Something Like This?

A real case showing why self defense for women is so important Imagine being a public place like a metro and suddenly out of nowhere, an unknown man starts grabbing you and touching you. What would you do? Are you prepared for something like this? Firstly, today’s article is mostly for our female readers. Oftentimes …

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The New Super Power for Women – Book

Self defense resources for women There are so many bad things that a woman can experience in her lifetime, that it should be almost mandatory for women to learn self defense at an early age in school. This statement is also true for men, but today, we are focusing on helping women learn how to …

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