surviving collapse

The Collapse of Society and How to Survive It

Secrets that separate the “Survivors” from the “Victims” in a crisis In this article, we’ll cover some very important elements of personal protection. We’ll cover importance tips and resources to get ready for the collapse of society and how to survive it. For many people, the idea that society and government might break down and …

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survival guide

An Ultimate Survival Guide

How much do you know about surviving emergencies? And I’m not talking about power outages… I mean full-on, “survive-or-die” kinds of situations that tend to occur when people least expect them. In this article, you’ll discover an ultimate survival guide. So, what’s your shot at going through a major cataclysm, war, nationwide civil disturbance or …

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food shortage

What If There’s no Food on the Shelves Tomorrow?

Food shortage, no more food on the shelves, here’s a solution These days, what most people in North America are worried about is terrorist attacks and natural disasters. But the fact is, there is a host of other dangers that are far less dramatic but just as deadly on a large scale. So, what it …

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dirking safe water

Water is a Precious Commodity… And It’s Running out

Knowing how to survive with water related tips We depend on water for our survival – one can’t last for even a week without it. As many of us know, water is a precious commodity… And it’s running out. The water can also be contaminated in an entire area. Firstly, that’s why a situation when …

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