training bands

Ultimate Resistance Band Set to Increase Strength

The importance of being strong to protect yourself Working and training with resistance bands is a great way to get moving and get stronger. As a student of self defense, it’s highly recommended to incorporate physical training into your routine. So, here’s an article on ultimate resistance band set to increase strength. We chose to …

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self defense strength

The Importance of Being Strong for Self-Defense

Forge a mighty body that can save your life There are proven ways you can get really strong by training a certain way just like there are ways to train to get “in shape”. In this article, well look at the importance of being strong for self-defense. Firstly, in our opinion, strength is much more …

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gsp training dvd

Discover a Strength and Endurance Home Training

Want to become strong, lean, muscular, fast, flexible and agile? You probably answer a big YES to this question. That’s because, we almost all want to achieve these results. And when you can learn from a top MMA fighter it makes it all even better. So, keep reading and get a boost of strength and …

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grip training equipment

Get Strong Hands with these Powerful Tools

The gear you need to get stronger hands Today, I would like to discus of a very important topic of self-defense which having a strong grip. Having a strong grip is so important, yet so underrated that it needs to be addressed. Read on and get strong hands with these powerful tools. Indeed, having strong …

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