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Dirty Fighting Tip for Self-Defense

A special technique for your personal protection When it comes to protecting yourself when your life is in danger, there are no rules. It’s pretty much every man for himself. This is why sometimes you need to do what it takes. That said, here’s a dirty fighting tip for self-defense. This is where things can …

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The Reality of Street Fighting

Self-defense tips for street fighting Street fighting can often be described as dirty fighting. There are no rules and you always have to expect the unexpected. Let’s dive in the reality of street fighting. Firstly, You never know if or when your attacker might hit you, so you always need to be prepared. With that …

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man sucker punched

You Can’t Afford to Miss a Sucker Punch

Your self defense training must address this issue The first punch can make or break a street fight. Indeed, that is a serious element of self defense that needs to be addressed. In this article, you’ll see why you can’t afford to miss a sucker punch. That’s why it is important to make it effective …

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street fight

A Street Fight of Epic Proportions

A clear cut example of why you should avoid fighting multiple opponents Truly, this is one of the craziest street fights I’ve ever seen on video. In the clip, a man is chased down by multiple attackers and thrown to the ground. It’s literally a street fight of epic proportions! Although we don’t know what …

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street fighter

Anything Can Happen in a Street Fight

Criminals in the streets do not care about rules If you are going up against a seasoned criminal in a street fight, you need to abandon all notions of “fair play” and get rid of any intention to hold back. Read on, and see how anything can happen in a street fight. Those psychological barriers …

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