Learn how to control your breathing during a fight

How to Control Your Breathing during a Fight

A tactical advantage to win a street fight Having the right self-defense techniques and being able to defend yourself is very important during a fight. However, what good is it to know all the best self-defense practices if you’re unable to get your breathing under control? If you’re constantly out of breath and feel you …

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Learn self defense tips on how to deal with a crackhead

Self-Defense Tips for Dealing with a Crackhead

Crackheads can be very unpredictable You never know what they are thinking and how far off in their mind they are. Because of that, it’s important to learn self-defense tips for dealing with a crackhead. What’s worst is that because they are completely under the influence of drugs, it’s harder to get through to them …

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How to Defend Yourself Against a Front Bear Hug

How to Defend Yourself Against a Front Bear Hug

Self defense against front bear hugs While front bear hugs are not as common as back bear hugs during a fight, they do still happen. That’s why it’s important to know some efficient self-defense techniques if ever you are in a situation like this. There are many important factors to remember when you are in …

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Listen to what your attacker has to say - self defense tips

Why You Should Listen to Your Attacker

Important cues during a robbery One thing that is often not mentioned during self-defense classes is the importance of listening to your attacker. So, why should you pay attention and listen to your attacker? While it might not seem like the obvious thing to do, it is without a doubt an important thing to remember …

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Fight or flight self-defense

What to do in a Fight or Flight Situation

What happens to your before and body during a fight It’s normal for your body to freeze up during a fight. Especially if fighting isn’t something you’re faced with often. So, we’ll look at what to do in a fight or flight situation. That said, having your body react when confronted with an attacker is …

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learn how to defend yourself form a chair

Best Self-Defense Techniques from a Seated Position

Defend yourself when sitting on a chair Most people spend their day in a seated position. After all, that’s most office jobs so it’s not unusual to be spending most of our days in a seated position. That said, we’ll look at the best self-defense techniques from a seated position. For some folks, it can …

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Learn how to heighten your senses for self-defense

How to Heighten Your Senses in a Street Fight

A different element of self-defense There are many different tactics when it comes to enriching your senses during a street fight. In our video on Heighten Your Senses in a Street Altercation, we focus on the sense of sight. We believe that when it comes to fighting techniques, the sense of sight is an important …

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Lean self defense tips in a road rage situation

What to do in a Road Rage Situation

Aggressive or angry behavior exhibited by motorists Road rage is something we all experience at one time or another. We’ve almost all been guilty of it. However, there are moments when road rage can quickly escalate to another level. That said, here’s what to do in a road rage situation. When both drivers exit their …

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Learn self-defense tips against stomping in a street fight

Self-Defense Tips Against Stomping in a Street Fight

Tips for when you’re on the ground in a street fight One of the most dangerous situations you can be in during a street fight is to put yourself in a situation where you can get stomped. Thus, it’s important to learn self-defense tips against stomping in a street fight. Imagine… you fall to the …

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Discover the best way to mount your attacker in a street fight

The Best Way to Mount Your Attacker in a Street Fight

Ground fighting tips for self-defense If you ever get into an altercation with someone and the fight goes to the ground, you’ll need special techniques to get the upper hand. This is why we’ll show you the best way to mount your attacker in a street fight. In that case, a great self-defense technique is …

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