self defense grappling dummy

Grappling Dummy for MMA

The perfect grappling dummy for self defense As you know, there are a lot of fights that end up on the ground. That said, it’s important to practice your ground fighting skills for self defense. A good way to do that is by practicing your movements on the ground. So, here’s a review of a …

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the gift of fear

Manage Fear for Self-Defense

An important topic of self defense In this article, we’ll cover a crucial element of personal protection which is: Fear. You’ll also learn how to manage your fear during a self-defense situation. Fear is your ally At least, that’s what neuroscientists and experts on violent behavior always tell us. I sincerely agree, but with a …

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women defending herself

How Can You Prepare for Violence?

Learn to avoid, run from, or de-escalate a bad situation Have you ever been attacked or mugged? Are you worried when walking the streets alone at night? Have you ever taken self defense classes in the past? How can you prepare for violence? These are all important questions that you need to ask yourself. First …

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junkie self defense

Self Defense against a Junkie

Someone on drugs is coming at you… Here’s what to do When a sober, law-abiding citizen faces a criminal whose mind is confused by drugs, he or she is usually terrified and clueless about what to do and how to deal with this threat. So, here are self defense tips against a junkie. Firstly, if …

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self defense movie

Not Many Movies Portray Violence Correctly. This One Does!

A realistic movie with an attacker and his victim I like many different styles of movies and I pay a particular attention to self defense related movies. That said, not many movies portray violence correctly. This one does however! I’m saying this because, when was the last time you didn’t have to suspend your disbelief …

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become super strong

Don’t Pump Iron, Become Iron!

Want to become super strong? If so, listen up! If you’re a self defense student, becoming strong should be a priority for you. That said, learn how to get stronger, much stronger. So, in other words, don’t pump iron, become iron! Firstly, what image comes to your mind when you hear the words “a very …

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What Do You Know About Prison Life?

Are you prepared to fight a violent criminal? Fighting someone is already challenging enough. But what about fighting a hardcore criminal who has nothing to lose. So, what do you know about prison life? America’s prison population is swelling out of control. Instead of keeping law-abiding citizens safe, these facilities effectively become a training ground …

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reliable sparring partner

A Reliable Sparring Partner

If you don’t have a reliable sparring partner – don’t worry! In the same fashion as Chinese Wing Chun students make with wooden dummies (and achieve great results), you can use a piece of training equipment and your own body to ensure that your experience is no different from a real sparring session. As you …

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allstrike quest

AllStrike Training Tool from Quest (Review)

A realistic striking pad for self defense When you want to learn how to protect yourself, it’s good to actually practice it in a physical manner. A great way to do that is with a striking pad. About that, here’s the AllStrike training tool from Quest (Review). Indeed, the AllStrike from Quest (Ad) is an …

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The New York Subway Hero Book (Review)

An usual commute to work turned into a living nightmare A scary (and very sad) event took place in February 2011 in a NYC subway train. A man named Joe Lozito, was on his way to work when he was suddenly attacked and stabbed by a complete stranger! He revels the entire story in the …

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