How to avoid Getting Punched in the Face by a Large Guy

Self defense concepts in a street fight When you’re faced with an attacker in a street fight, you’re bound to get punched. That said, it’s still good to know how to avoid getting punched in the face by a large guy. Since your attacker is most likely bigger and taller than you, chances are he …

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the true definition of a sucker punch

True Definition of a Sucker Punch

The “one” strike that can surprises many There are many definitions and videos on the internet showing you what a sucker punch is and how to avoid one. Let’s dive deeper on the true definition of a sucker punch. It’s quite important for your self-defense training, because the sucker punch is the reason why so …

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Learn how to throw an uppercut during a street fight.

How to Uppercut in a Street Fight

Effective punch for the streets Often when we look at fights on the TV or in movies, we often see uppercuts as a great self-defense technique. Indeed, this strike can be effective and that’s why we’ll show you exactly how to uppercut in a street fight. Firstly, what we often fail to realize is that …

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boxing for self defense

Learn How to Box in 10 Days!

Boxing is essential for self defense When training for self defense, you usually get into specific techniques and safety tactics. It’s obviously a good thing. But what’s also good is to do boxing for overall fighting skills. So, here’s a resource to help you learn how to box in 10 days. As part of our …

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how to strike fast

How to Strike Fast

Learn how to stun an attacker with super rapid strikes! You probably know how important it is to finish a fight quickly…But, what about the importance of striking fast? So, in this article we’ll cover a lot of ground on how to strike fast. Indeed, the speed in which you strike your attacker can make …

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A Lesson in Defense from Mike Tyson

Powerful boxing tips for self defense If you want to know what flawless defense looks like, pay close attention because we will be discussing about a lesson in defense from none other than Mike Tyson! He may be a controversial figure, but his technique is impeccable – and a thrill to observe! If you want …

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