You Can’t Afford to Miss a Sucker Punch

Your self defense training must address this issue

The first punch can make or break a street fight. Indeed, that is a serious element of self defense that needs to be addressed. In this article, you’ll see why you can’t afford to miss a sucker punch.

That’s why it is important to make it effective and powerful (if you’re the one striking) – or see it coming just in time to block or dodge it if you’re being victimized.

If you miss a sucker punch, the rest of the fight immediately becomes ten times harder to handle or, it can also end a fight brutally.

Look at this video to see what we’re talking about:

One punch – and the guy is done!

That said, when a situation is about to get nasty, look for telling body language cues that precedes a sucker punch. Look for verbal abuse, pacing, rotation of the trunk and hips, movement in the shoulders, arms coming up, stance widening and others.

The unpleasant fact about being faced with an angry person is that no matter where you are, in close quarters or in an open space, the odds that you will fend off the situation is limited.

Avoiding the fight by leaving can be an option, if you can do it – go for it, it’s one of the smartest things to do, especially if outnumbered.

The man in the video had a chance to defuse the situation and discussing without getting into further trouble he wouldn’t be able to handle. But, unfortunately, he didn’t act that way.

Moreover, he wasn’t even paying attention to what was going on around him and got sucker punched hard. Always remember, that if someone is angry at you, it’s highly recommended to never lose sight of that person and your surroundings.

And that doesn’t matter if the Police is there or not. Always be aware and avoid making these mistakes in a fight.

As a result, the poor guy quickly received a devastating punch to the head and pummeled hard.

Prepare yourself to survive the brutal streets

Good self-defense skills aren’t about being able to win a fight, they’re about surviving a fight.

You become merely good when you can survive an altercation that is inevitable, and you become truly exceptional by learning to avoid fighting altogether.

If you want to learn to spot the punch and block it before it lands, you need to watch our free video on how to defend against a sucker punch.

To sum up, the principles laid out in that clip will go a long way to protect you in a real-life street fight!

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Stay safe,

Patrick Viana

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