Breathing Tips for Self Defense

Learn these breathing tips and have an edge in a fight

Controlling your breathing during a fight is crucial. Getting enough oxygen so you can perform well and defend yourself is quite significant before and during an altercation. So, without a further ado, let us provide you with breathing tips for self defense.

Being constantly out of breath and struggling to get enough air in your lungs will not have you going very far in a fight. You might as well be surrendering.

While it’s normal to be stressed and filled with fear during a fight, it’s of the upmost importance for you to be able to control your fighting.

A great way to control your breathing is to focus on taking deep breath and remember to breathe every time you’re about to strike your attacker.

See how you can control your breathing during a fight:

As seen in the clip, these tips can be of great help to defend yourself immediately before and during a fight.

On the contrary, not controlling your breathing and being out of breath will put you a significant disadvantage since you won’t have enough energy to fight and defend.

Not only that, but when you’re in control of your breathing, you manage your fear and adrenaline. Thus, your mid is clear and you get to take better decisions.

Therefore, make sure to take several deep breaths at the beginning of every fight.

This will give your body enough oxygen to fight through and last long during the fight. It will also make you feel more in control of the fight.

Take a look at a video about the importance of controlling your breathing during a fight.

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