Boxing Hook Technique for Self Defense

Throwing a hook: Are you doing it right?

A hook is one of the very basic boxing punches. Yet, so many people can’t do it properly even if their life depended on it! Stay tuned, because in this article we’ll look at how to throw a proper boxing hook technique for self defense.

The key is not to try and put too much effort in the punch by “loading up” or, worse yet, leaning in out of balance, but to compensate for lesser strength like this:

– Use your body’s initial momentum for power

– Go for maximum speed

– Choose where to strike

In some specific spots, it will hurt very badly for your opponent even if the power behind the punch isn’t all you have hoped for!

A hook punch like so…

See how to throw the perfect hook for self defense:

The one type of punch people mess-up the most

Here’s a quick question for you.

Do you know why boxers love hooks so much?

First of all, when it comes to throwing efficient punches, hooks have no substitute. They are quick and powerful, but don’t call for using as much momentum or range of motion as more straightforward moves.

Also, a boxing hook is pretty much the best kind of punch to use at short distance from your opponent. It’s quite effective if you don’t want to grapple or compromise your defense.

Lastly, hooks can absolutely DESTROY your opponent!

If done properly, of course.

This short but very informative video on boxing, will help you to quickly determine if there is anything wrong with the technique of your hooks and tell you how to fix it.

If you want to be a competent fighter, it is essential that you work on your hook techniques. I recommend that you start today!

In conclusion, when fighting someone up close and personal, the hook is a great punch to use. That is as long as you can throw it well.

Watch the video I’ve linked to above one more time, memorize or write those tips down and try them out during your next training session.

See what happens, you’ll be surprised of your improved boxing skills!

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I hope you enjoyed these self defense tips on how to throw a proper boxing hook technique.

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Stay safe,

Patrick Viana

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