Bob Dummy, the perfect Punching Bag for Self Defense

Who needs a punching bag when you can have a Bob Dummy

If you want to perfect your fighting technique, but find ordinary punching bags sorely lacking, then I’d would like to introduce you to my friend Bob! Without a doubt, Bob Dummy is the perfect punching bag for self defense.

He’s going to be your new self defense training partner; and an effective one that is!

Bob doesn’t mind being hit, and his body responds almost like a real one, minus swearing and bruising.

What is Bob’s only disadvantage?

He doesn’t punch back! But, that’s pretty much it. Because he really makes an awesome training partner.

Something effective to help you perfect your strikes

If you are serious about becoming a competent fighter, there is only one thing you are going to need (but you will require A LOT of it) – it’s practice!

Above all, you will have to do a crazy amount of striking!

By the way, here’s our official video to help you learn how to strike an attacker effectively.

As your body becomes accustomed to throwing single strikes and powerful combinations, your blows will naturally become quicker and stronger.

But what should you strike?

Shadow boxing is fine for working on technique and speed, but for strength and power you need something more substantial that can absorb the impact of your most powerful strike.

In the end, you are left to choose between two viable training tools: a punching bag and a training dummy.

My vote goes to the latter!

As far as I’m concerned, a training dummy is a superior alternative, if only because it simulates the appearance of a human opponent and stands on the floor, whereas heavy punching bags hang suspended.

It just makes for a better, more life-like training experience.

Trust me – when the time comes for a real fight, you’ll be glad to have stuck with the dummy!

One step above punching bags!

In order to become great at self-defense, you need a lot of practice in delivering powerful strikes.

I discovered that simply using punching bags doesn’t cut it – they don’t react in the same way a human body would. They aren’t shaped like a it; they are suspended from the ceiling and their physics are completely different.

There are two solutions to the problem:

A – get a live training partner (unsuitable for full-contact strikes);

B – get a life-like training dummy.

The former is cheaper; the latter doesn’t get injured or complain too much!

What’s cool is that the Bob Dummy (Ad) doesn’t mind being punched!

This is as close to an accurate simulation of a human opponent as you can get.

Of course, you could always go and punch someone, but for a number of reasons I strongly advise against it!

Instead, why not pick up one of those training dummies?

They are a worthwhile investment – they can take a ton of punishment and last forever!

In fact, we used one of them with great results in our own instructional Code Red Defense videos, check them out here.

And, I certainly hope that you will also find the Bob Dummy a great help in practicing punches!

Last but not least, check out a complete instructional course on how to train with a Bob Dummy (Ad). You’ll get everything you need for a complete solo training workout.

So, I really hope that you agree with me now that the Bob Dummy is the perfect punching bag for self defense!

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Patrick Viana

Code Red Defense