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Code Red Defense is taking a new approach when it comes to self defense videos. Different from the standard videos where trainers are in dojos and moves are practiced and showed in slow motion, Code Red Defense is showing real life scenarios.

For starters, the attackers used in the videos are real life people who have experience in the domain. The attackers demonstrate simulated “real life attacks” where the videos are not rehearsed or planned out. Everything is raw, making the videos that much more real and authentic. By using real life street attackers who vary in size and height, the videos are much more dynamic and realistic.

Additionally, we’ve done some research that puts us in real life scenarios so we can come up with effective solutions that can help you defend yourself efficiently against your attacker.

For example, some of our self defense videos demonstrate how to use objects you would find in your home or that you would typically have with you to use as a defense mechanism. From improvised weapons to objects you would normally have in your home or on you, Code Red Defense shows you the best way you can use them to your advantage.

Covering everything from in home invasion to street attacks to gun defense, Code Red Defense is covering all the different aspects of self defense. Time frame of the videos range from one hour to three hours depending on the type of attack and defense technique being taught.

Most of the videos are drills and scenarios you can easily do at home to practice so you can prepare yourself for any potential attacks. Real attackers, raw footage, effective tips and smart techniques is what Code Red Defense is all about and what you can expect in our self defense videos.

By purchasing of our self defense tutorials, you will learn all the basics and more when it comes to protecting yourself against your attacker.

Make sure to prepare yourself in advance. Watching videos and practicing is a great way to do just that!

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