Safety on the Internet = Safety in Real Life


Today I have an old but still interesting story for you, which seems almost too absurd to be real – but it actually happened.

This is the story about a family getting robbed after their teenage daughter posted a picture of her holding a bunch of money on Facebook… For the entire Internet to see.

Now, what kind of a robber is going to resist such an invitation?

The teenager was careless enough to expose her wealth to the biggest social network in the world.

As a result, her parents were robbed, even though she didn’t live with them anymore!

I mean, talk about “drawing the wrong kind of attention! Right?

Demonstrating your wealth in public is never a good idea. Flaunting it on a social network with over half a billion users is absolutely crazy!

For some people (teenagers, namely), showing off is more important than anything else, and trumps any security concerns at once.

Even if we generously assume that there have been any concerns in the first place on part of that young girl.

==> Well, OF COURSE the Robbers Came

A demonstration like this sends every criminal with access to Facebook a straightforward message:

“Hey, look at me, my family has tons of money!”

For any robber, a Facebook post like that is tantamount to an irresistible invitation. Is there any wonder her parent’s house was drained dry of valuables shortly afterwards? I don’t think so.

It is a pretty imprudent mistake, and I’m sure you will not make it.

But this story goes a long way to show that, if anything, nowadays discretion is more important than ever. So, please be discreet and safety-conscious!

I hope that this case will inspire you to examine several important things:

– where you keep your money;

– who knows about it and has access to it;

– how conscious you and people in your household are about privacy and safety on the Internet.

If you end up questioning any of those points, please take action – and save yourself lots of trouble in the future!

p.s. Here’s how you can stay safe from home invaders.

Stay safe,


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