How to Uppercut in a Street Fight


Often when we look at fights on the TV or in movies, we often see uppercuts as a great self-defense technique. However, what we often fail to realize is that a traditional “closed fist” uppercut is not always the best self-defense tactic. Especially if your attacker is much taller and bigger then you. Chances are, an uppercut won’t have the desired effect.

That said, your self-defense technique should instead be an open palm strike. Performing an uppercut with an open palm strike can have a great effect and give you a significant advantage towards your opponent.

You can see an example on how to perform an uppercut with an open palm strike in the video below:

If performed well, an open palm strike uppercut goes underneath the jaw and creates a powerful impact upon contact. Additionally, if you’re able to do a double open palm strike towards the jaw, your chances of defeating your attacker are much greater.

The impact of a double palm strike is very powerful and can severely injure your opponent, giving you a much-needed advantage in a dangerous situation.

To see a video tutorial on how to perform an uppercut in a street fight, make sure to visit our YouTube channel where you will find this video along with other resourceful videos on self-defense.

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