How to Practice Self Defense on the Bob Dummy


The Bob Dummy is the perfect way to practice some of your self defense techniques. When you know you have to strike your opponent, you want to prepare yourself. The first step of preparation is to completely relax your body so all the tension can leave and you can better focus on your performance.

In many situations when you need to face your attacker, it’s rare that the fight will be long. Usually, fights last anywhere from 15 seconds to max 60 seconds, which is why you want to make sure that all your strikes are efficient and with purpose.

Knowing that you only have a very short period of time to neutralize your opponent, you want to make sure that each hit you give is effective and to the point. That’s why it’s important that each strike you give to your opponent is followed through with another. You don’t want to be taking breaks in between each punch you throw.

By stopping, you’re giving your attacker the chance to fight back and that’s something you want to be avoiding at all costs. Therefore, it’s crucial for you to follow through each strike.

Additionally, you can’t keep the same position as you hit your target. You need to keep your body moving. Move your body as you strike your opponent, that way you are aiming other areas and your strikes are much more effective.

By not staying in one place and continuously moving, you’re at an advantage because your opponent doesn’t know where you’re moving and you’re not giving them a chance to trap you in a position.

Using the Bob Dummy as a practice for your self defense is perfect since it can help you develop your ability to strike for a long period of time. By having the capacity to continuously strike for several seconds can prepare you for any potential fights you might encounter in the future. To have an upper hand in fights and to be at an advantage, it’s crucial for you to have the ability to strike continuously for several seconds.

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