How to Defend Yourself Against a Front Bear Hug


While front bear hugs are not as common as back bear hugs during a fight, they do still happen. That’s why it’s important to know some efficient self-defense techniques if ever you are in a situation like this.

There are many important factors to remember when you are in a front bear hug position during a fight. Since they tend to happen quickly, it’s important for you to act fast.

The first thing you want to ensure is that when your attacker goes to grab you, make sure your hands are free, so he doesn’t trap them behind you. If your hands are trapped behind you, it makes it that much more difficult if not impossible for you to escape your attacker.

Additionally, you want to start striking your attacker right away. Don’t waste time by waiting to see what he will do next. For all you know, he probably wants to pick you up and slam you to the ground. So, don’t waste time and act quickly.

You want to make sure that the strikes you are giving him are efficient and have a strong impact. Therefore, don’t waste your time hitting his arms to escape. Strike his face with an open palm strike. Aim for the eyes, the nose and the jaw as these are the most sensitive areas and can have a stronger impact.

Depending on the position you’re in, you can also do one of the following: headbutts, elbows, knee kicks and biting.

We hope these self-defense techniques against a front bear hug were useful.

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