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Today, I would like to discus of a very important topic of self-defense which is being strong. Being strong is so important, yet so underrated that it needs to be addressed.

Having a strong grip aka having strong hands can only benefit you in a life-threatening situation.

Let’s dive in and discuss on some type of equipment you can use for building your grip strength.

First off, there is one particular piece of advice concerning strength training that people never seem to get – and rightfully so, because it’s confusing.

It dictates to keep your things “same but different”, which means that you need a foundation of key training principles and basic exercises, but introduce variations in rest times, sets and reps, additional drills, unusual equipment and so on.

Yet there is one very complex system of muscles that get tired easily and demand a very varied and creative training approach. Of course, we are talking about your hands and forearms.

The good news is that there are hundreds of ways to train them.

You won’t believe how many tools exist solely for developing your hands and forearms: Indian clubs, maces, grippers, wrenches, sledgehammers, thick bars, unevenly loaded or oddly shaped barbells and dumbbells and the list goes on.

==> Just Look at All This Grip Training Equipment

Even a quick glance is enough to know that grip training can be the most creative and fun part of your weekly routine, bar none!

And it’s very useful, too. You simply can’t be great at self-defense if your grip is weak.

If you haven’t been training your grip, you are missing out on a way to boost your strength and performance big time.

It’s time you corrected that mistake. In self-defense, having a weak grip makes you very, very vulnerable.

So, in order to train productively and get stronger every day, this is what you can do: choose several training tools that appeal to you the most and incorporate them in your workouts.

Keep it varied, fresh and fun!

We have yet to meet a person who wouldn’t fall in love with grip training once they tried it. It’s effective and extremely variable – plus, the functional results are spectacular.

In short, if you want to achieve progress in your self-defense training and overall physical fitness, you absolutely need to start paying more attention to your grip strength!

Just pick whichever methods you like and strengthen your hands.

Train hard,


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