Awareness Drill on How to Protect Yourself from Multiple Attackers


Being in a position where you are faced with multiple attackers is often a situation you want to avoid. Already, odds are not in your favor since there is only one of you and at least 2 of them. Therefore, it’s crucial to pay attention and stay focused if ever you’re in a similar situation.

In the past, we’ve repeatedly emphasized on the importance of awareness.

While it might seem repetitive, being aware of your surroundings and your opponents is crucial and can save your life. Being aware of who your attackers are, what they are communicating, and their body language can help give you clues as to what is the best self-defense technique.

Additionally, it can also provide you with an opportunity to strike them. Not only will you know when the right time is to react, but you will also know how to react. All of these clues that you get by being aware of your opponents can be more helpful than you think.

As seen in the video clip, you need to pay attention to the words they are saying because it can give you several clues on how they intend to strike you.

Whether the person is yelling to their friend to stab you or to hold you down because there’s a gang coming, it’s important to pay attention and focus on what they are saying and how they are acting.

All these clues can tell you whether to stay and defend yourself, or if it’s best for you to find an opportunity to escape.

Our Multiple Attackers instructional video shows you ALL the different scenarios you can come across and what self-defense techniques you should be using.

Hope that you found these self-defence techniques on how to protect yourself from multiple attackers useful. It’s great to see that you are reading this blog and that you are taking your personal safety seriously.

For more self-defence techniques against multiple attackers, make sure to see our video on Facing Multiple Attackers – Street Scenario.



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