A Lesson in Defense from Mike Tyson


If you want to know what flawless defense looks like, pay close attention because we will be discussing about none other than Mike Tyson!

He may be a controversial figure, but his technique is impeccable – and a thrill to observe!

If you want to see incredible fighting skills on display, you can look no further than Mike Tyson. He is the ultimate boxing prodigy, and one of the best fighters who have ever lived.

Attack power and finesse are a must for every athlete who punches people for a living. But very few can hope to match Tyson’s incredible defensive skills.

That’s Where His Fighting Style Truly Shines!

Every student of self-defense should remember that being big and strong doesn’t make him invincible – and that learning purely defensive or evasive moves can be very useful not just in the ring, but out there in the streets, too.

Missing a punch can turn a fight around, and possibly put you in a very dangerous position. So take it from Tyson and work on your defense as if your life depends on it!

‘Cause you know what? It actually does.

Poetry in Motion, Isn’t It?

“But what good does this video do to me? A boxing match is nothing like a regular street fight!” you might say – and you’d be right.

This video is not about a specific defensive technique. It’s about the importance of defense in general.

Tyson is a pretty buff guy, even for a heavyweight. Nonetheless, he has spent years and years honing his
boxing defense to perfection.

Being big and strong is not enough. Tyson never relied on muscles alone and that’s why he is one of the best.

Don’t neglect your defense, when brute force and offensive techniques aren’t enough, it will save your life!

Stay safe and keep training hard.

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