Best Way to Trap in a Fight

A tactical advantage for self-defense

When you’re fighting a ruthless opponent while fearing for your life, you need to do what it takes to fight back. Trapping is a great strategy for self defense. That said, let’s see the best way to trap in a fight.

Surely, there are many important aspects in self-defense. From being alert, to your timing, avoiding hits and how to strike effectively for maximum impact are among the basic aspects when it comes to learning self-defense.

Trapping your opponent is also a key factor of self-defense. Why? Because by trapping your opponent, you are limiting his movements and therefore getting the upper hand in the fight.

Have good defensive skills

The last thing you want in a fight is getting trapped by your opponent. The moment he gets a firm hold on you, that’s when things can start to look bad for you.

He can limit your movements and use his strength and weight to his advantage by causing you significant damage, making it that much more difficult for you to get away.

Let’s face it. Chances are your opponent’s stronger and bigger than you to begin with.

It’s rare that you’ll see an attacker go towards someone that is bigger than them since the possibilities of them defeating them are slim to none. But it can certainly happen.

Therefore, with your opponent likely being bigger than you and outweighing you, you want to avoid at all costs getting trapped.

Trapping: A great wat to have a tactical advantage in a fight

Now that you know defensive tips, you need to use strategic offensive skills if you want to survive a street fight.

A great way for you to trap your opponent is by grabbing hold of his clothes. This is the most effective technique when it comes to trapping your attacker.

You can grab him easily by his shirt and thus limiting their movements.

You can also use the shirt of your opponent to trap and yank him down towards the floor. This will make him lose his balance and therefore giving you the upper hand.

Check the following clip to see on how to trap in a fight:

The main goal when it comes to any self defense technique is to always find a way to surprise your attacker. Use tactics that will give you an unfair advantage.

As seen in the video, trapping is an excellent self defense tactic to win a fight.

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