Best Training Methods with the Bob Dummy

An awesome self defense training partner

There are many ways you can train for self defense. You can practice with a training partner in your area. But what if you’re alone? You can train in solo with a Bob Dummy. That said, here are the best training methods with the Bob Dummy.

Firstly, when it comes to training methods during self-defense, it’s important to put yourself in a scenario you’re most likely to find yourself in. This is the best way for you to learn and practice your moves.

Ideally, you want to practice with a training partner so you can really move and get a real-life feeling of what it would be like if ever you’re in a situation where you have to defend yourself.

That being said, training with the Bob Dummy (Ad) can be equally just as effective, if not more.

One of the good things about training for self-defense with the Bob Dummy is that you can test your strength with it. A lot of self defense moves require strikes and solid hits to your opponent.

Obviously, when you’re training with an actual person, you have tendency of not putting all your strength behind your strikes as to not injure the person. This is normal.

The good thing about training with the Bob Dummy (Ad) is that you don’t have to worry about injuring the person.

Therefore, you can put all your strength behind your strikes and therefore testing your weight efficiently. You can also practice your position and hits repeatedly with the Bob Dummy to ensure you’re aim is good.

Take a look at the best training methods with the Bob Dummy:

Your power, mobility, speed and agility are among the different aspects that you can practice and further develop through your training with the Bob Dummy.

Among the many different self-defense techniques, you can practice with the Bob Dummy, the following are the most effective: elbow strikes, uppercuts, knee strikes, head butts and palm strikes.

Additionally, you can also put a t-shirt or hoodie on the Bob Dummy. This way you can further develop your trapping technique.

Watch the video directly on YouTube to see the different ways you can train with the Bob Dummy.

To sum up, I hope you found this article useful on the best training methods with the Bob Dummy.

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