Best Self Defense Drill

To be fully trained in self-defense, the key is to practice.

You need to practice repeatedly and efficiently so you can create muscle memory that way if ever you’re in a situation where you need to defend yourself, your movements will be efficient and instinctive.

There are many self-defense drills you can practice. However, one of the important factors that people often forget when it comes to defending yourself is that you can’t predict what your opponent will do.

Therefore, your movements can’t be planned ahead of time.

It’s all about action/reaction.

This means that you react on what your opponent is doing and you react from that position. For example, if your opponent goes to strike you, you react by blocking his strike with your arms by lifting them up.

This will then have your opponent react to your action by doing another movement which you will then have to react to their action and so forth.

The best self-defense drills are when you practice enough so that your movements come easily and instinctively. By practicing with a friend or a trainer, you can build up your reflexes and react efficiently and with instinct if ever you need to protect yourself.

To see some more examples of self-defense drill, check out the video below:

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