Astonishing Tool to Help you Win a Fight

A very powerful tool for self defense

Have you ever been in a situation where you feel that danger is coming, or that something bad is about to happen and you want to reach for something to protect yourself from a potential attack? Here’s an astonishing tool to help you win a fight.

You probably answered “Yes” to that question. That’s because one of the reflexes that human beings have is to survive an attack.

We all have something inside of us that gives us some sort of “adrenaline rush” to protect ourselves from imminent danger.

But, what if you hear a weird noise in your house and you feel something is wrong, but you end up grabbing your set of keys to “face and defeat” this home invader.

Now, before we continue on with this subject, many of you will say: “I would just grab my gun”. Fair enough, that is a great answer and it’s a great way to protect yourself in your own home.

But truth is, that there are millions of people all around the world that don’t have firearms in their home. They all have their reasons why they aren’t possessing any type of guns at home.

This brings us to talk about non-firearm weapons for self defense at home.

One of the best, if not the best weapon that I ever encountered, is a stick. The type of stick that is made of wood and usually used for stick fighting purposes.

This secret tool, can literally save your life if you know how to use it properly against an intruder.

Stick fighting has to be done the right way

Now, like many other topics of self defense, stick fighting is no different. There are way too many videos online teaching stick fighting the wrong way.

For example, take a look at how silly stick fighting demonstration can sometimes be. By browsing on YouTube, you just see a bunch of martial arts instructors perform some sort of movements while presuming that it’s useful for personal protection.

Here’s a NOT so good video on stick fighting:

Sadly, these type of videos just send the wrong message to people like you and me who are looking to protect themselves.

I personally really am not into “performing arts”. I much rather want to learn how to stop a threat and how to protect myself from a crazy attacker that wants to harm me or my family.

If that’s what you’re looking for as well, then I recommend you training with that single goal in mind. Therefore, if you’re looking to learn an effective way to use a stick for your protection, you should look at how to use it to incapacitate your attacker quickly without the fluff.

A comprehensive instructional course

Here’s a great stick fighting instructional video, that can be used to skyrocket your knowledge on how to properly use a stick for self-defense.

This action packed self defense video is exactly what you’re looking for!

Check out the trailer for the Stick Fighting video from Code Red Defense:

This complete course, solely focuses on how to use a stick against someone who is looking to hurt you. You’ll learn how to use it in a non-telegraphic way so that your opponent doesn’t see the shots coming.

You will also learn how to move around with your feet, how to place the stick on your body for optimal results, as well as how to hold it properly.

In addition, you’ll also learn how and when to deploy the strike for maximum effectiveness.

This course, will ensure that you know everything there is to defend yourself by using a stick against a violent attacker.

Make yourself a favor and learn how to stick fight the right way 😉

Have a great and safe day!

Patrick Viana

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