An Ultimate Survival Guide

How much do you know about surviving emergencies?

And I’m not talking about power outages… I mean full-on, “survive-or-die” kinds of situations that tend to occur when people least expect them. In this article, you’ll discover an ultimate survival guide.

So, what’s your shot at going through a major cataclysm, war, nationwide civil disturbance or a terrorist attack and living to tell the tale?

There’s much more to it than simply stocking up on beef jerky and water, survival is more about acquiring new skills, learning self-reliance and careful planning than hoarding valuable resources.

The good news is, to improve your chances to save yourself and your loved ones in an emergency, you don’t necessarily need an arsenal of guns or a military-grade shelter.

But You Still Need a Good Survival Plan!

When it comes to preparing for, and responding to a destructive, life-threatening event, this guide offers the most rational plan of action I’ve ever seen.

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Emergencies will never take you by surprise!

Instead of feeling vulnerable to potentially life-threatening events (natural or technological disasters, terrorist attacks etc.) you can learn to prepare for them and survive.

Knowing is half the battle, right?

The wealth of knowledge on survival contained in survival books and online tutorials will help you to safely get through all sorts of emergencies. Learning self-defense moves will also maximize the odds in your favor.

When bad things happen, be prepared.

Simple, right?

When things suddenly get real and nasty, how do you really prepare to escape with your life and help your loved ones be safe?

If you think that by having gone through some minor household or social “accidents”, getting mugged, being laid off or losing your wallet, you are somehow prepared for a full-fledged catastrophe, war, martial law situation or an apocalypse…

Think again!

The government can fail to protect you.

Help might never arrive, or be a very long way away

There’s a reason some events rake up the death count in the thousands, despite all of the sophisticated safety measures and rescue procedures, we are still poorly prepared.

What can you, as an individual, do about it?

Get a plan; learn self-reliance; acquire basic skills for survival (ad) and helping others.

Don’t leave yourself at the mercy of what may be a flawed and inefficient system. You need to do your part and help yourself, at least up to a certain point.

Invest in your own safety – the sooner the better!

For a practical, no-nonsense and, most importantly, sane and pragmatic advice about survival, “SAS Survival Handbook” (ad) is a good start. It’s certainly an ultimate survival guide.

You will be glad if you don’t get to use the skills acquired from this book, but it helps to have them nonetheless!

Stay safe in these difficult times.

Patrick Viana

Self-Defense Blog