AllStrike Training Tool from Quest (Review)

A realistic striking pad for self defense

When you want to learn how to protect yourself, it’s good to actually practice it in a physical manner. A great way to do that is with a striking pad. About that, here’s the AllStrike training tool from Quest (Review).

Indeed, the AllStrike from Quest (Ad) is an excellent self defense training tool. It’s an awesome tool to practice your strikes with a training partner. Not only is it very realistic, it’s very cool and brings a new dimension to your training.

The AllStrike tool is made of durable material (polyurethane foam), yet soft enough to be used for any type of striking without injuries. Don’t worry about breaking it…It’s resistant!

The inside grip is made of a hard plastic handle that’s very easy to hold and control. It can be moved easily without fear that if it were kicked it would go flying.

Here’s an introductory video of the Quest Training AllStrike:

With the AllStrike from Quest, you will be able to improve your precision striking and increase the power of your strikes. It’s probably one of the best training tools to have for a dynamic self-defense training.

Your opponent can move around and it makes it much more challenging to hit a move target rather than just hitting a static target.

Get the AllStrike from Quest (Ad) and bring your self-defense training to another level!

It brings a brand new dimension to focus mitts training… You can punch it, palm strike it, kick it, elbow it, and even eye gouge it!

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