A Reliable Sparring Partner

If you don’t have a reliable sparring partner – don’t worry!

In the same fashion as Chinese Wing Chun students make with wooden dummies (and achieve great results), you can use a piece of training equipment and your own body to ensure that your experience is no different from a real sparring session.

As you must know, you need to practice frequently to be good at self-defense, because strength and endurance are useless if you can’t back them up with fighting skills.

And said fighting skills are developed not just by working out or shadow-boxing… No, you need to receive the unique physical benefits that only sparring with a live partner can deliver!

Through sparring, you will learn how punches and kicks actually feel on impact, how to protect your knuckles and wrists from injury, which muscles are activated in a particular move, how to estimate distance to your opponent correctly and deliver forceful strikes.

In short, you should treat sparring as your holy grail, your inexhaustible source of practical self-defense knowledge and skills.

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But, what if you don’t have a live partner available at all times?

In that case, go for the next best thing.

Watch the clip down bellow to see what this is all about.

This wonderful piece of equipment comes very close to delivering you the same experience as sparring with a human being would, and you can have a superb training session just by using it.

In terms of actual training utility, it is a wonderful tool for sparring simulation. Now, if only you could go out to have a post-workout snack with it.

Still, it is well worth trying.

So, if you want to a reliable sparring partner who is silent and never misses practice, then I recommend that you lay your hands on this great tool. It’s well worth trying!

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Stay safe,

Patrick Viana
Self Defense Blog