5 Must-Watch Self-Defense Videos

In this article, we’ll dive deep into personal protection and how to keep you and your family safe. More specifically, we’ll discuss about 5 must-watch self-defense videos!

Firstly, learning how to protect yourself is something you should put on your to-do list.

In my opinion, too many people neglect training for their personal protection and spend way too much time on other useless things in life.

So, without a further ado, here are the 5 must-watch self-defense videos.

1 – Kick to the Groin for Self-Defense (Effective or Not?)

Some of us will surely say a “Yes” when you are asked with this question: “Is kicking the balls effective for self-defense?” It makes sense why it’s probably the only thing that can pop out of the mind of a person when in face of an attacker.

Others say that it is the “glory of a man” and that all of his pain is concentrated on this part. While most of these reasons are true, it’s not reasonable to say that all kicking-ball techniques are effective.

You may never know what the amount of pain tolerance the guy has.

In the Code Red Defense clip shown above, there is guidance through the “effective part” of kicking the groin. That self-defense video, will explain you the right moves, angles and sequence of what “effective” groin-kicking is.

One thing is for sure: This tactic of self-defense may not be the last resort for giving a blow, but with the right movement and timing, it will surely help a lot.

I can assure you that kicking the groin can be helpful for self defense and effective once the right technique is applied.

2 – Block Punches and Strike Back

Sometimes, from a street fight, we never really know how to block incoming punches. Once the attacker hits you with a blow, all you are going to do is to deflect and try block all of his attacks just to shield yourself.

Instead of just reacting recklessly, a planned and systematic self-defense tactic is important for you to make successful actions along the usual blocking. This is why we demonstrate how to properly block incoming punches from an assailant.

From a street brawl, often times, it’s hard to counter all the offense your attacker is throwing at you. Therefore, you must find and formulate the right ways to counter attack against your assailant.

From constant defense, you must come into a realization that offense is an optimal option for you to survive a brutal attack. You, as a victim, should know what to do after series of blocking attacks, and that is to strike.

In the video shown above, we give you some insights of what to do after deflecting all of the attacks.

Aside from the important “blocking-striking” self-defense technique, the instructor Nick Drossos, guides you about the striking techniques to be done on different types of the body.

Knowing when and where to attack your opponent is a must.

Here’s a complete video on striking fundamentals for self-defense.

3 – The Importance of Verbal Defense

They say, “Words without actions are nonsense.” Somehow, it can also be “Actions without words are confusing”.

It can be a situation where you’re enjoying your alone time then someone pops out of nowhere and starts approaching towards you all while asking for money.

You’re not responding to that person because you don’t know how to react. That’s your action. The noisy person is still there and starts getting impatient and aggressive towards you.

You say to yourself, “I’m scared and don’t know what to do right now”. This is when your verbal defense skills will need to come into place.

Words are important indeed. What the actions cannot convey, the words do. Words being used in our everyday life are as necessary words being deployed in defending yourself from any imaginable crime.

Yes, having a bunch of techniques in your pocket is essential for self-defense but what if you cannot use those techniques anymore? What if the knife is touching your stomach already? Will you risk your life?

In those type near-death situations, you’ll need your verbal defense skills.

As you watched the video, you can learn how you should use your mouth to escape that situation of yours.

I suddenly remembered a special quote: “The tongue has the power of life and death.” That phrase speaks in so many ways. Choose your words carefully.

4 – How to Strike in Movement

From a fight, you will see yourself with a person through all his attacking motion flowing towards you. As being in an encounter is not static, there is knowledge to be learned to be prepared to strike when things get rowdy.

When fighting back, you’ll need just as much of offense as defense. It’s important for you to practice striking in movement, since many street fights are very active.

It’s important to anticipate and formulate successive self-defense techniques against an aggressive person.

Knowing how to strike in a static manner as well as when things get moving, will be your foundation of courage and will give you energy to rev up your fear of fighting.

Moreover, proper footwork self-defense techniques are a must for your personal safety.

The tutorial provided above, will give you some incredible footwork techniques and some boxing moves along with it.

Boxing, is a great foundation for self-defense. It does not only teach you how to land a punch or a jab to your opponent, but it also prepares you to dodge an incoming attack.

Movement and proper footwork while working on your strikes is helpful to execute proper strikes. Code Red Defense is ready to help you learn the proper techniques.

Re-watch the video and train hard to master your boxing and footwork skills. These elements are the base of your self-defense learning regimen.

Keep in mind that when you strike or throw a kick, move your feet and fight without having any fear or doubt.

5 – How Often Should You Train for Self-Defense?

Knowing some self-defense techniques are good. Yeah, you read it right. It’s just… good. Not great, not best. It’s different when you’re super skilled to it. Being experienced in self-defense requires training.

That brings up a very good question: “How often you should train for self-defense?

Before answering that question, it’s important to say that before training on nonsense self-defense techniques that will get you killed, you need to have the proper training.

Once you found an effective reality-based self-defense system, it’s time to put it to the test. In other words, it’s time to train to see if these techniques work when you have real energy coming towards you.

That can be done with different training partners, where you practice the defense principles.

That said, you should train for self-defense as often as you can.

We like to train about 2-3 times per week for strength training and 2 times per week self-defense and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) training. You can also incorporate yoga or stretching into your weekly routine.

Repeating movements will help you memorize the steps and options available to you in different situations. You will easily adapt to certain conditions since you practiced a lot of times already.

The training can be compared to any other training you’ve received in life. Usually you become better and better with practice. It won’t fail you.

You can try improving your self-defense techniques. Your safety is highly important so don’t neglect that.

Remember your safety is our priority.

p.s. Leave us a comment down bellow to let us know what you’ve learned by reading this post.

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Take care.

Patrick Viana

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