3 VS 1 Self-Defense Fight

Being prepared for multiple attackers

One of the worst situations you can be in is in a fight where there are 3 opponents against you. It can seem like a lost cause and that there is no way out.

While in many situations the outcome is predictable and the person who is alone is often the one that loses, it’s not always the case. There are some great self-defense techniques you can use that can help you in these particular situations.

The first thing to remember is that when you’re in a situation where you are faced with three opponents who are after you, you need to think quick.

You only have a few seconds to think about your moves and techniques since things usually start to progress really quickly. Therefore, it’s important to already think of how you can turn the situation to your benefit. Assess your environment. See where you are and think of an exit strategy.

Against multiple attackers, be in movement

That said, you shouldn’t stay in one place too long. The last thing you want is to give your opponents the opportunity to trap you. You never know when one of them can pull out a weapon. So, keep moving. Don’t stay put.

Focus on all the attackers

One mistake many people make is that they often tend to focus on the one person who has the weapon or seems the most threatening. However, it’s important to focus on all the attackers.

If you focus only on one, the other opponents can take advantage of your lack of focus towards them and strategically come up behind you when you least expect it to trap you and hold you down.

Therefore, you need to focus on ALL of your attackers.

When you’re faced against multiple attackers in the streets, you need to be on high alert, in “code red” if you will.

Watch their movements. Be alert of where they are. While you’re observing your attackers and moving around, try and find what is the best exit strategy.

3 vs 1 self-defense is no joke

Since they outnumber you, the chances that you can take them all down is very small. It’s important to always assess your environment so you can get out of there as quickly as possible.

So, when you fight back, fight with all you’ve got! If you want to learn the complete strategies to defeat two attackers or more, get your hands on our Multiple Attackers video.

You’ll get everything you need to defeat a group of assailants.

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3 vs 1 Self-Defense Scenario

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