15 Great Self Defense Products sold on Amazon

Self Defense products you can use to your advantage

There are a lot of products you can purchase online that are related to self defense. For example, we offer complete instructional videos on self defense on our website. But today’s topic is about 15 great self defense products that are sold on Amazon.

In this list, you’ll find some the best books, documentaries and training tools related to self defense. So, let’s go ahead and start with the first one!

#1 – Bob Dummy

Meet Bob. This free-standing training dummy will help you make the most of your self-defense practice. Made of resistant materials, it rests on a sturdy base that can be filled with water or sand for extra stability.

Because the Bob Dummy is molded to look like a human opponent, you can refine your strikes with incredible precision.

You can train punches to the throat, jaw, solar plexus, center of gravity, even jabs in the eyes. And thanks to adjustable height, you can simulate encounters with attackers of varied physical traits.

Last but not least – unlike a regular sparring partner, it won’t mind that you hit with full force. Not only that, but the Bob Dummy (Ad) is customizable, realistic and practical for your self-defense training. It’s a worthwhile addition to your home gym!

#2 – Grappling Dummy

However simple and effective they can be, grappling moves are notoriously difficult to train without a live partner. This grappling dummy (Ad), often used specifically for MMA and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practice, is an amazingly versatile piece of training equipment that comes close to the real thing.

You can use it for training all manners of holds, trapping moves, locks, bars and mounts.

Made out of durable nylon and weighing around 75 pounds, this grappling dummy for self defense, will prove indispensable in your practice of grappling and ground fighting.

It’s perfect for developing a foundation of skills and movement patterns to graduate to real sparring sessions!

#3 – Rubber Training Knife (pack of 2)

A good enough training knife is hard to find. Many of them break due to the rubber being too hard. Others bend readily against any tension – good for playing prank on someone, but unsuitable for any kind of simulated combat practice.

This item is just right – durable, rough, and pliable without being too soft. It feels like a real knife, but isn’t so hard as to give you bruises during training. If you chalk up its blade and go through a knife defense drill, it will leave marks exactly where a real weapon would.

This piece is perfect for learning to defend against a knife attack. It will make a great addition to your self-defense training arsenal – if you are serious about your practice.

Get your rubber knives (Ad) here.

#4 – Straight Rubber Knife

There is only one method to learning how to protect yourself against a knife attack – lots and lots of simulated combat practice. When a single missed hit might be lethal, it’s important that the training is as realistic and challenging as possible.

This safe and sturdy training blade is an excellent tool for developing the skill of knife defense. Made of durable rubber, it comes in varying length from 5.5 to 9.5 inches – which is great, since 5-inch-long knives are legal to carry in most places.

Don’t be fooled by the cheap price – this rubber knife can take a very effective knife defense training tool (Ad), and with just a little care it will serve you for years to come. It’s an excellent investment, and we highly recommend it to all self-defense enthusiasts.

#5 – World’s Most Dangerous Drug

The use of heavy drugs and violent crime are often closely connected. Attackers drugged on illegal substances behave and react differently. If you want to stay prepared for the many dangers of the street, there’s no way around learning about this phenomenon.

World’s Most Dangerous Drug” (Ad) provides an in-depth look into the world of meth users, which number close to 26 million worldwide. Many of them commit crimes to fuel their addiction, all the while high on the stuff or suffering from withdrawal.

This 50-minute-long documentary will not make you an expert on dealing with all kinds of junkies. But, it will arm you with knowledge about meth addicts and on how to protect yourself against one in the street. It is a smart investment in your study of self-defense.

#6 – The Straight Facts About the Most Used and Abused Drugs

As a student of self-defense, it’s good to learn how drugs can influence people. For example, if your attacker is on a hard drug, you want to know what he might be feeling and thinking and what he’s capable of doing.

Here’s a video on how to deal with someone on drugs.

Another resource part of the 15 great self defense products sold on Amazon is the following book:

Buzzed – The Straight Facts About the Most Used and Abused Drugs from Alcohol to Ecstasy (Ad)

This book will certainly give you an edge in your self defense training. You’ll quickly learn how drugs can affect individuals. This knowledge will allow you to be prepared in case someone on drugs wants to engage in a fight you with.

#7 – Rushfit Georges St-Pierre 8 Week Ultimate Home Training Program

Do you want to have the peak conditioning, strength, power, and flawless physique of a hardened fighter? Do you want to gain confidence that, whatever grueling physical test your body has to deal with, it will handle it?

This training program, developed by the great MMA fighter Georges St. Pierre, can deliver exactly this, with efficiency that no other fitness course can measure up to.

Over the course of the training footage, Rushfit will teach you everything there is to know about no-nonsense combat conditioning, especially how to:

– develop formidable fighting strength;

– grow lean rock-hard muscles that can take a beating;

– strike with speed and power;

– obtain a fighter’s endurance, agility and balance;

– What and how much to eat to support muscle growth and physical recovery.

In short, whatever your gender and level of physical ability, Rushfit Georges St-Pierre (Ad) can help you get into the best shape of your life. It will also help you become strong, agile and powerful – with minimum equipment, in as little time as possible. Who could say no to that?

#8 – The Gift of Fear book

“The Gift of Fear” can teach you an all-important skill that many people have forgotten – being in touch with your gut feeling.

Our bodies have a natural “alarm system” that warns about potential threats. Thus, it can be used to discern irrational, unreasonable fear from the true sense of unease when facing real danger. It can also make the difference between surviving or becoming a victim of violence.

Threats to our health and lives are all around us. This book will help you to recognize untrustworthy individuals.

It will also help on how to interact with a threatening person, how not to broadcast your vulnerability to potential attackers, and many other useful skills. Most importantly, though, it will reconnect you with your survival instinct.

Trusting your gut to keep you out of harm’s way may sound unrealistic and irrational, but it’s neither – it is a perfectly valid way to stay safe. If you are serious about learning self-defense, you can’t afford to pass up the life-saving advice that “The Gift of Fear” (Ad) has to offer.

#9 – Facing Violence book

Let’s get one thing straight right away – every student of self-defense needs to read this book. We can teach you how to hold your own in a street fight and avoid combat altogether, but there is so much more to the subject than this.

Everybody who is learning self-defense must know about legal and ethical implications of it, telltale signs of a coming attack, breaking the mental paralysis that often grips you in a life-threatening situation…

Most importantly, you need to be prepared to deal with the aftermath of a violent encounter. There are countless medical, psychological, financial and legal consequences that might prove just as challenging as the incident itself.

We do our best to prepare you for some of these things, but not others. “Facing Violence” is the most comprehensive look at self-defense in its entire context that we have ever read. If you could read just one book on the subject, make it this one – you’ll be glad you did!

#10 – Handbook of Practical Disaster Preparedness

Natural and man-made disasters, large-scale conflicts – these events are far more dangerous than a single attacker, however violent he may be. Disaster preparedness is an underrated area of self-defense, one that is often associated with extreme survivalists.

But it shouldn’t be – everyone who remembers flooding’s, violent hurricanes that sweep American coasts, violence in the streets, even 9/11, will know better, and understand the importance of being ready for when disaster strikes.

This book can help you take practical, cost-effective steps to protecting yourself and your loved ones against any major calamity. It is full of valuable information on topics ranging from food-storage to handling of firearms, and step-by-step plans of action in emergencies.

For a price of one book, you will be getting a measure of safety in the event of a real emergency – something that no insurance company can provide you with.

You will know how to save your life and those of your loved ones in a disaster, and this alone makes “Handbook to Practical Disaster Preparedness” (Ad) worth picking up.

#11 – Gun Training with Non-Aggressive Principle

No matter how many great guns you own, unless you train to use them, even carrying around a small arsenal will do little for your safety. In fact, it will most likely endanger yourself and everyone around you even more.

These instructional videos are an excellent place to start with your training. They will teach you the basics of firearm handling.

Whether you own a handgun or a rifle, you will find plenty of advice on both. Revolvers, semi-automatic pistols, rifles – the use of each of these is taught in great detail and with unmistakable expertise.

The author, Jared Waltz, also touches on fundamental of gun safety, as well as theory and practice of gun defense. His approach to giving instruction is fairly slow-paced, but detailed and thorough, making you really internalize every important piece of information.

In short, you could ask for a better introduction to gun defense (Ad), you will love this instructional documentary, and it will definitely improve your skills with firearms!

#12 – The Best Defense – Season 1

I hope until now, that you’re enjoying the article on 15 great self defense products sold on amazon.

“The Best Defense” is an excellent series that will introduce you to no-nonsense, real-world advice from people who deal with violence and crime on a daily basis. Law enforcement officers, self-defense and firearms experts – this show truly has it all.

One of its strongest points is big emphasis on awareness, psychological readiness to stand up to violence, and lessons on how to avoid conflict.

Many self-defense courses gloss over this important aspect, but this show brings out some excellent points. It gives powerful recommendations on how to stay out of trouble.

If you want a crash course on all major aspects of how to protect yourself from violence, armed and unarmed, “The Best Defense” (Ad) is an excellent starting point. Pick up the 1st season and see for yourself!

#13 – Boxing for Self Defense

In a real-life fight, there is often no time for showing off martial arts skills. If the situation cannot be defused, the only goal is to strike your opponent as fast as possible, while not being harmed by him.

That being said, combat proficiency is a must for any self-defense student – and few fighting systems provide a foundation more solid than MMA-style boxing. Of all the countless instructional DVDs on the subject, Anderson Silva’s is one of our favorites.

In just over two hours, he delivers meticulous instruction on the basics of boxing as applied to mixed martial arts. You will learn about footwork, essential punches, the simplest and most effective defense maneuvers.

Silva also teaches you to clinch the right way, which is a rare skill even among professional fighters. Most importantly, he shows how to put this assortment of movements together and train to improve your personal protection skills.

If you are an absolute beginner, this Boxing for MMA (Ad) video will start your training off the right foot. If you are a fairly competent fighter, you will learn something new and quite possibly correct a few flaws in your technique.

Anderson Silva is one of the greatest mixed martial artists around. What’s cool is that everybody can pick up something useful from his training – and you too!

#14 – The Law of Self-Defense

We are very glad that this book exists, so all American students of self-defense can take advantage of it. Every year, so many innocent people end up incarcerated just for trying to do the right thing – protect their life and those of their loved ones, for standing up to attackers.

Those people survive a violent encounter – only to lose the resulting legal battle. This shouldn’t happen, but it does. And the best way to safeguard against it is to grab this book and give it a thorough read-through.

It gives you a comprehensive breakdown on laws regarding self-defense in all 50 states. It also analyzes their applications in court, and gives practical legal advice on how to stay out of jail for trying to protect yourself.

Whether you own a gun or not, or agree with the book’s author’s politics is irrelevant. If you ever have to fight back against a violent attacker, you’d better be ready to go to court and deal with the aftermath. “The Law of Self-Defense” (Ad) is exactly what it says it is – an indispensable guide.

We recommend it to anyone who wants not only to stay safe, but to be on the good side of the law if things get ugly!

#15 – Bully (the documentary)

This is hands-down one of the best documentaries we’ve seen. A film about bullying may seem out of place in our product line-up, but we couldn’t help putting it up here.

Every parent and every child need to watch it; it’s an eye-opener that will make you look at the nature of violence, human behavior and the school system in a completely new light.

We live in a harsh world, and are forced to stand up for ourselves from a very early age. “Bully (the Documentary)” (Ad) is a powerful reminder that we are responsible for the safety of our loved ones, and our own.

Even though it’s hard to watch, this documentary is 90 minutes you will never forget.

If you have children, it’s very important to be aware of the dangers they might face. Threats that are commonplace in today’s world, and can be just as damaging as violent crime. I can’t recommend this documentary enough.

We hope that you enjoyed this article on 15 great self-defense products sold on Amazon.

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